1. Every Student seeking admission in the college is deemed to be prepared and willing to prosecute studies on a full time basis. Hence he is expected to attend all lectures, and in the case of science subjects, all the Practicals. Absence on account of unavoidable causes such as illness or grave calamity in the house may, however, be permitted by the principal provided leave application is submitted through the class officer in time along with Medical Certificate from Physician countersigned by the Parent/Guardian subject to a maximum of 9% of the total working days.

2. Every student must attend at least 75% of the lecture classes and in the case of science 90% of the practical classes to enable him to obtain a certificate of eligibility to appear for year - end examinations/semester end examinations.

3. The absence of a student without leave for any single hour in a session entails him the loss of attendance for that session. i.e. half a day.

4. Any student who absents himself without leave shall be punished with a fine of Rs. 5/- per day in the first instance apart from treating the student as absent. Heavier punishment may be imposed if the student is irregular apart from treating as absent.

5. The names of the students who fail to put in 75% of attendance during any month are announced on the Notice Board during the first week of the succeeding month. For obtaining scholarships/fee concessions, students should put in 75% of attendance.

6. All the students are expected to check their attendance in the chart displayed on the Notice Board monthly. In case of any discrepancy, they should get it rectified within 5 days. There after complaints will not be entertained.

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