Anti-Ragging Club

Anti Ragging Committee

1. Principal                                                      Chairman

2. Sri K S CH Srinivasa Rao                          Co-ordinator 

2. Sri V.Vijayakumar                                       Member

3. Sri. DNV Sridhar                                         Member

4. Sri R Kesava                                               Member

5. Sri B Sankar                                               Member

6. Smt K Hemalatha (PG)                              Member

7. Sri M Gurupratap Reddy                            Member

8. Sri K B S Gopal                                          Member

9. Sri. T.Rambabu                                         Member

10. Mrs P Aparna                                           Member

11. G.Paul Raju( III.B.Sc. H.Section)             Member

12. M.Naveen Kumar( III.B.A.)                       Member

13.Ms Komaram Ramatulasi II (B.Com) B    Member

14. Sri Ganta Ramesh Kumar II (B.Com) B  Member



  1. To advice/counsel the senior students in the class room and hostel not to indulge in any type of ragging.
  2. To prevent ragging at different places like corridors, bus stops, canteen, bank, labs, library, hostels and other nodal places of the institution.
  3. To report/recommend action on the students involved in ragging.
  4. To display important factors of ragging of Anti Ragging Act including the punishment etc at prominent places of the institution.
  5. Conduct Awareness programs by inviting experts , police authorities , lawyers etc for the program.









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